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 Music enthusiasts, get ready for a night of true musical passion and inspiration as legendary guitarist Uli Jon Roth takes us on a 360-degree journey into his unique world of artistic imagination. Uli Jon Roth is thrilled to announce his exclusive 2024 world tour “INTERSTELLAR SKY GUITAR”.

The 3-hour-plus integrated multi-media show will be split into two parts with an intermission. The first half of the concert will feature a wide gamut of new and old pieces written by Uli Jon Roth, including excerpts from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Uli’s Metamorphosis Concerto. It will also include a brief TED Talk by Uli introducing his new book “In Search of the Alpha Law.”

The second part of the concert will synchronize with the worldwide vinyl release of all three ELECTRIC SUN albums, alongside all 5 ULI-era SCORPIONS albums! This will see Uli perform a breathtaking set with his full band, showcasing songs from each ELECTRIC SUN album, as well as tracks from his time with the SCORPIONS. It’s set to be an unforgettable experience for all Uli and ELECTRIC SUN enthusiasts.

Uli Jon Roth’s signature tool of expression is the legendary SKY GUITAR which he invented. The name of the tour “INTERSTELLAR SKY GUITAR” is reflecting the fact that we are celebrating 40 years since the first one of these ground-breaking instruments were built. The tonal range of Sky Guitars far exceeds that of traditional guitars, effectively turning the electric guitar into a six-octave instrument as opposed to the three-and-a-half octave ones which are industry standard. The ingenious, striking body-shape of Sky Guitars which makes the extra frets possible enables Uli to equal the registers of the violin and the cello. The main stars of the evening are the state-of-the-art “Excalibur” 7-string Sky Guitar, alongside Uli’s famous “Mighty Wing”.

Don’t miss the chance to experience an evening of true musical passion and inspiration with Uli Jon Roth and his full band. Tickets for the 2024 world tour are on sale now.

Sky Academy 2024 Long beach

Hosted by legendary guitarist Uli Jon Roth, you will experience a seminar that enriches not only your musical skills but also your mind and soul. The core of Sky Academy is the philosophy of the „7 Spheres of Awareness“ – “exploring our personal connection to music and its expression through our instruments”.

 At the heart of this seminar is the electric guitar, the incredible versatile instrument which Uli has mastered to perfection. At the new Sky Haven venue in Long Beach Uli Jon Roth will share his profound secrets on transcending mere practice to achieve a quantum leap in one’s musical abilities. Uli shows us that it’s not about the quantity, but the quality of practice time.

As a guitarist and musician, you will learn to enhance your abilities, and the seminar will reveal new musical horizons to you. We will also devote some time to the art of improvisation and how to structure a guitar lead, to achieve top quality like a composer might do.

You will also get the chance to play in front of Uli Jon Roth and receive his critique and suggestions, both of which are always highly accurate and constructive. No one will walk away empty-handed from this, because Uli’s knowledge of the instrument and music in general are seemingly boundless. His teachings are always inspirational and to the point.

Uli Jon Roth will also analyze and deconstruct several of his most famous guitar solos, helping you to unleash your own creativity and refine your musical expression. By studying Uli’s challenging and unique guitar leads, you will discover new ways to expand your own musical language and technique.

As always at Sky Academy Uli will invite special guest artists to participate and contribute to the teaching and music making. As a very special treat, Boris Dommenget, the genius luthier who builds all the authentic Sky Guitars for Uli will participate and set up shop at the seminar to service your guitars and set them up perfectly for you. Several of you are already proud owners of Sky Guitars and since Boris is based in Germany, this is an extremely rare opportunity to meet the father of your Sky Guitar(s). There will also be a session devoted to unlocking the secrets of the Sky Guitar, including the use of Uli’s favourite amps and pedals.

Prepare for a transformative experience that will elevate your musical journey to a new level. We look forward to welcoming you to Sky Academy and embarking on a deep dive into the world of music with Uli Jon Roth.

Masterclasses 2024 – The Sky is the Limit

Uli Jon Roth will host a 90-minute in-depth guitar seminar before each concert on his upcoming 2024 tour across the US and Canada. The event will take place in the same venue as the main show of the evening.
This special SKY STUDENT BADGE grants access to one of Uli’s “The Sky is the Limit” Guitar Master Classes. Whether you are in Chicago, New York, Seattle, or any other tour city – this badge will get you into this unique once-in-a-lifetime event. 

Renowned for his remarkable technical skill and strong melodic sense, Uli has personally pioneered many of the guitar techniques that are now staples in the industry and have become part of the playing vocabulary of most of today’s virtuoso guitarists. Ever since his early days with the Scorpions and Electric Sun, Uli’s sophisticated melodic arpeggios and unique fingerings have elevated guitar playing to new levels. In his career as a solo artist, he pushed the boundaries even further with the invention of the Sky Guitar and his dazzling performances of classical violin concertos such as Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

This event marks a significant departure from Uli’s teaching at Sky Academy since this is the first time Uli is actually focusing solely on teaching the guitar.  The seminar promises an in-depth exploration of his diverse playing techniques, featuring demonstrations of his exceptional mastery over the guitar, presented in slow motion for clarity.  Additionally, Uli is set to perform some of his most ground breaking guitar solos, such as “Sails of Charon” offering attendees an unparalleled view into his distinctive approach to the instrument, which encompasses a wide spectrum of techniques. Beyond this, he will impart crucial artistic wisdom, covering aspects such as phrasing, tone production, and much more, making this a truly invaluable experience for enthusiasts and aspiring guitarists alike.

Start time will be approximately 5 pm in most venues, but you will be informed about the exact time via e-mail. 



Born in Düsseldorf, Germany in 1954, ULI JON ROTH rose to fame as a teen-ager in the early 1970s as the lead guitarist for the SCORPIONS.

During his five-year tenure with Germany’s most famous band, Uli developed a unique and revolutionary approach to guitar playing, incorporating classical music and advanced improvisational techniques. He went on to form his own band, ELECTRIC SUN, and continued to push the boundaries of guitar playing with his innovative use of the six-octave Sky Guitar that he invented.

Uli Jon Roth is mainly known for his ground-breaking contributions to the vocabulary of electric guitar playing. He is regarded as one of the last living protagonists of pure, classic melodic rock guitar from the era of the Sixties and Seventies. Uli Jon Roth is now widely acknowledged as belonging to a rapidly dwindling handful of notable players who are still active and can still transport the magical aura of that glorious era of rock in live concerts on the stages of this world. Over the years, Uli has influenced generations of younger guitarists – including many name players such as Eddie van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Billy Corgan, and Kirk Hammett – and he is seen as one of the great innovators in his genre. Uli revolutionized the scope of expression of his favorite instrument by being the first to introduce sophisticated virtuoso violin techniques and many other new ideas into the guitar vocabulary.

Uli Jon Roth is also a prolific composer who has written and performed symphonic music with orchestras. He has also released several important solo albums throughout his career, featuring a diverse range of musical styles. He continues to tour the world and record, inspiring generations of musicians with his unparalleled creativity and passion for music.

  • We´ll burn the sky
  • Uli Jon Roth - Scorpions Revisited
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  • Cry of the Night
  • Uli Jon Roth - Metamorphosis
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