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The World of Uli Jon Roth –Visit Uli’s personal Patreon Channel

Uli created this channel for his most dedicated followers, and he is sharing a lot of personal and very exclusive inside information there on a regular basis. Communicating directly with his audience on this page, Uli personally responds to letters, questions, and ideas – and is letting you gain genuine insights into his own thoughts and creative processes. He also writes a lot of highly entertaining and insightful essays and blogs about his experiences on the road and life in general.
Become a subscriber member to the World of Uli Jon Roth and always be the first to know what’s up in Uli Land! You will not find this kind of inside information about all things UJR related anywhere else on the web.
The channel also offers an exclusive l tier especially for guitarists who aim to take their playing to the next level. Uli is sharing his incredible knowledge of guitar mastery in online classes here, and he does so for the first time ever. Although the teaching is highly advanced, Uli presents a lot of fascinating musical and technical insights which are valuable to anyone who plays guitar, including those who are still in the early learning stages. Recently we held the first ever online SKY GUITAR ACADEMY master class, and the response of the participants and spectators was extremely positive and encouraging.