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A long-awaited 4-day SKY ACADEMY SEMINAR is being held by Uli at the new Sky Haven, in Long Beach, California. The 4-day seminar precedes Uli’s North American Tour and is scheduled for September 1 – September 4. Tickets will go on sale soon and will only be available on this site.
Further info to follow.
Uli’s unique teaching is designed to delve deep into the hidden mysteries of music by creatively tuning our own minds and spirit so as to become one with the essence of music herself. Uli’s teaching is all about inspiration and helping you to become inspired yourself. At Sky Academy we are always pushing the boundaries of new discoveries. You are being encouraged to become one with the music and you will be amazed to see your mind expand and grow like a flower while doing so in the process in a short period of time. Uli is a great teacher with a deep understanding of music and the human mind. He aims to guide you gently to essentially explore yourself as an individual by utilizing the music as a key to self-realization. Sky Academy allows him to share powerful knowledge about the metaphysics music and life, which he assimilated and probed in journey of a life time. Uli’s as yet unpublished book “In Search of the Alpha Law” contains a lot of those and will be a cornerstone of the seminar.
This Sky Academy seminar is not only aimed at guitarists and other instrumentalists, but also for those who seek to expand their musical and artistic horizon beyond the conventional boundaries.